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We can remove the first video in the list to add this one. We can remove the first show in the list to add this one. Clip: Season 36 Episode 6 3m 31s Video has closed captioning. The male peacock jumping spider must dance for his life.

In order to woo a female and avoid being eaten, he performs an intricate dance using a brilliantly colored fan attached to his abdomen. If the female approves, he is allowed to mate.

If not, he becomes her next meal. The full episode is no longer available for online streaming. Please continue to enjoy extra s from this episode.

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Skip to Main Content. Watch Now. Featured on Shop. You have the maximum of videos in My List.I've written before about peacock spidersthe fabulous tiny jumping spiders of the Australian undergrowth. Another new species of tiny dancer was just described: Maratus pardus. Description of a new peacock spider from Cape Le Grand, Western Australia, with observations on display by males and females and comparative notes on the related Maratus volans Araneae: Salticidae: Euophryinae: Maratus.

Peckhamia The paper itself is absolutely gorgeous, full of color photos of this most charismatic of minifauna. These wee spiders only 4. The authors chose the name pardus 'leopard' in ancient greek because the spiders' spots and cat-like stalking and pouncing behaviors reminded them of a leopard.

peacock spider dance gif

The magnificent color on the male spiders' abdomens is from iridescent scales, much like those found on moths and butterflies.

The male "fan" includes two flaps extending off the side of their abdomen ; males keep them rolled up and tucked awayand only let their butt flags fly to impress the ladies. Like other peacock spiders, pardus males put on a spectacular courtship display: drumming, leg waving, and fan dancing.

Around in this video, spider courtship begins in earnest:. Atwe see what happens when a female spider he's trying to woo is not interested: she leaps at him like he's prey. Peacock spiders can catch and consume prey bigger than they are, so she probably would eat him if she caught him.

Fortunately for the male, he's agile enough to escape and dance again. Atwe see how a female deals with a persistent male that just will not get a clue that she doesn't want to mate.

First, she completely turns her back on him, giving him eight cold shoulders. If he still doesn't go away, she vigorously waves her butt at him.

I believe this is the first recorded instance of a spider conveying the concept "Kiss my Ass. At the male finally seems to get lucky. He dances up close to the female and sensually drums out a little tune on her head. Spider sex involves two very agile predators, face to face. Will they get it on, or will things go horribly wrong and end in death and spidery tears?

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It all depends on his getting the signals right. Spider mating is Hold me closer, tiny dancer. Spider sex involves a really awkward reach-around, as the male has to reach past the female's fangs to deposit his sperm.

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He does this using specially modified appendages near his mouth pedipalps. After he's made his sperm deposit, the male quickly jumps away before his beloved decides she wants a little post-coital snack.

mating dance GIFs

The researchers also described the maternal care and early life of these spiders. The female lays just six eggs inside a silky egg sacand stays with them for two weeks until her eggs hatch. She will not feed during this time, often sacrificing her life to protect the eggs. This is a 2 day old baby Maratus pardus. Just like a baby sloth!

After two weeks, the spiderlings can live on their own; several months later they become adults. Next spring the frantic, colorful twerking in the undergrowth will start again.No posting of non-wild captive or domesticated animals.

peacock spider dance gif

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peacock spider dance gif

Go out and build your numbers and try again in the future - we're not going anywhere. What is it doing? Is this a mating display, or warding off predators, or something else? Have you ever been to a gay circuit party and there's some twink in brightly colored Andrew Christians twerking on top of a table?

This is the heterosexual spider equivalent of it. If the female spider doesn't like his dance, she eats him. If she does like his dance, she'll let him mate. Sometimes after mating she eats him anyway. Nobody is perfect.

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He is a very small spiderbro who is wooing a lady friend. When he has won her over with his colourful, manly dance, he boops her on the headmates with her and goes his merry way.The animal dances and lifts up its tail-flap, which, once unfurled, resembles an abstract Indian blanket of intense color. The tiny creature hops about, lifts up its legs alternately like an air traffic controller, gesturing this way and that.

Its large, furry mouthparts almost make it look like it's smiling, or at least mildly amused at this outrageous act. Meet the peacock spider. Males from several species within this group of spiders put on remarkable mating displays to win over mates of the opposite gender.

For a creature so tiny — most species are around an eighth of an inch a few millimeters long — the display is surprisingly complex and visual. Due to their tiny size, and perhaps because they only live in certain areas in Australia, the animals haven't been well-documented. But Otto, an entomologist who usually studies marine mites, is working to change that.

LiveScience corresponded with Otto to hear more about his experiences with these remarkable animals.

Spider Dancing GIF by Science Friday

It is the fact that they perform some complex rituals on a scale at which it appears almost surreal, to the point where it is hard to believe. People associate complex behavior usually with large animals, usually vertebrates [animals with backbones], so it is very unexpected to see a similar behavior in much smaller invertebrates, in particular spiders that most people hate so much.

I also love the way they interact with their environment, how they exhibit fear, excitement and curiosity. In fact, somebody has called them "kittens with too many legs," and I think that is a very good description. Obviously the two large front eyes contribute a lot to that impression. These spiders are perceived as cute, even by the staunchest of arachnophobes, and I regularly get comments from people telling me how watching my videos have helped them to overcome their fear of spiders.

I also like that it requires a lot of patience and persistence to observe, photograph or film them. And only those who are prepared to invest the effort will be rewarded. It attracted my attention in the way it jumped — it seemed more nimble than other spiders.

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The specimen I saw then was one of Maratus volansand I had no idea at the time what it was or that there were other similar species. While doing some more research I found … that there was a suspicion that Maratus volans would use its flaps in courtship.

But nobody had actually seen [this]. A couple of years later, I finally got lucky and was able to observe and photograph the courtship of that spider [for the first time].All species of the Maratus arachnids are native to Australia, and due to the males' often stunning colors and extravagant courtship rituals, they have become commonly known as peacock spiders.

The critters are typically small, with the new M. In a bid to get the attention of females, many males rely on more than just their dazzling looks. These performances can vary quite a lot between the species, with one particular spider forgoing the ostentatious fan-like abdomen and instead waving his legs above himself and "clapping" as he prances about.

Despite the tremendous frill of hair, M. Whereas all peacock spiders so far observed by Otto hold up their third pair of legs when strutting their moves, these new guys instead flash their first pair of legs.

Gif in text: The newly described spider strutting its stuff. This website uses cookies to improve user experience. By continuing to use our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

peacock spider dance gif

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Plants and Animals. This little creature is unique among peacock spiders for it's unusually hairy abdomen. Otto Jurgen. By Josh Davis 17 Feb This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to improve user experience.The peacock spiders belonging to the jumping spider family is indigenous to different parts of Australia. The colorful body patterns displayed by the males, along with their amazing dancing skills have earned them their name.

Size: All the species of this genus are small-sized, being 4mm to 5mm 0. Color: The females, as well as the juvenile spiders of both the sexes, have a brown body, though with distinct mottled patterns of brownish and whitish scales.

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The males, on the other hand, come in colors of blue, red and yellow on the upper part of their abdomen. However, not all species of this genus appear bright to the human eye, for instance, the Maratus vespertilio, which have an ambiguous coloration, with the iridescence present on its lateral flaps.

Other characteristics: The males are characterized by a fan or plate on the upper part of their abdomen that is marked with bright-colored scales or hairs forming a pattern where the foreground and background stand in contrast with one another.

The males, as well as females, have their abdomen joined with the cephalothorax by a pedicel which is long and flexible. The female spider lays about half dozen eggs within a silken sac after the completion of the mating process and guards them intently till the time they hatch. The spiderlings are mostly of a brown shade with a distinctive pattern and disperse to be on their own after a two-week span.

Like all other jumping spidersthe species of this genus do not construct webs but keep producing silk as they move about in their surroundings. In fact, they are bold enough while stalking their preys and are known to pounce upon creatures that are thrice or four times bigger than them. They are venomous but not dangerous to mankind as they may bite only accidentally, and their jaws are too small to even penetrate through the human skin.

Your email address will not be published. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Peacock Spider. Peacock Spider Size. Baby Peacock Spider. Female Peacock Spider. Peacock Spider Images.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. By Mumpi Ghosh Updated : August 17, They are the super-cute critters curing arachnophobia and giving spiders a positive spin. The spellbinding snaps of the intricately patterned arachnids - taken by Sydney based spider-lover Michael Doe - show them raising two of their legs in the air and behaving like the life of the party.

A happy looking male peacock spider performs its mating dance as a way to attract a female in Sydney, Australia. Spider-lover Michael Doe took the stunning snaps of the spiders, which are known for their lurid abdomens made up of eye-popping blue, red and green flaps.

Mr Doe, 42, said he became hooked on the spiders when he first spotted them in his local neighbourhood. We find them in and around leaf litter by looking for a little movement - they can be seen jumping about, mostly in your peripheral vision. The adorable arachnids are known for their dramatic colours, boasting lurid abdomens made up of eye-popping blue, red and green flaps which are used to attract a female. When a male peacock spider senses a female it begins the mating ritual by lifting its legs and flashing its stomach in a sequence that looks like a dance routine.

The females carefully study the colouring, vibrations and movements of the male to make sure the potential suitor is healthy and the correct species to mate with. The females carefully study the colouring, vibrations and movements of the male to make sure the potential suitor is healthy. There are 39 confirmed peacock spider species, with arround a dozen of these discovered in the last 12 months. Once he has mated, the male will repeat the dance with as many females as he can find - and they can juggle multiple partners at once.

There are 39 confirmed peacock spider species, with scientists discovering more and more at a rapid rate. Mr Doe said he finds them all endearing but he has a particular soft-spot for the first peacock spider he ever stumbled across. Argos AO. Privacy Policy Feedback. Are these the world's most adorable spiders? Peacock Spiders Peacock spiders can only be found in Australia When a male senses a female it begins the mating ritual by lifting its legs and flashing its colourful stomach The females carefully study the colouring, vibrations and movements of the male to choose their potential suitor Once he has mated, he will repeat this dance with as many females as he can.

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